Come to a Trash Hero clean-up

You do not have to sign up in advance, just show up at the announced location on the designated day and time. We will provide gloves, trash bags, and a positive working environment; all that is missing are your hands.

Clean-ups are organised by individual Trash Hero chapters. All information about upcoming clean-ups can be found on the Trash Hero Czech Republic Facebook page.

Our calendar

Clean up your city

We will help you start a Trash Hero chapter at the location where you live. You just have to organise at least one clean-up a month and motivate others to become heroes. You will be rewarded with a clean neighbourhood, admiration of others, and a new “yellow” family of heroes.

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Buy a Trash Hero bottle

You will get back the 250 CZK spent in no time. When travelling, you can take it wherever you want – it means a free refill in the whole country and even South East Asia.

Our world map

Refill water to our heroes

Are you an owner of a café, restaurant, hotel, or shop? Become a well for all heroes that pass by your establishment. We promise promotion on our websites and social networks, reinforcing the idea of zero waste… and you will also get something out of it.


Invite heroes to your school

We will organise a lecture and clean up together. Our volunteers get children of all ages interested in ecology. We have special programmes for kindergartens, primary schools, and high schools.


Donate so we can buy yellow T-shirts

At Trash Hero we all work for free, but some things cannot be done without money. Your financial contribution will be used to buy volunteer T-shirts and cleaning supplies, print educational materials, and organise training for Czech Trash Hero chapters.