Thank you for allowing us to be heroes

Financial help

VEEAM SOFTWARE - They support it us with donation 25 thousands dollars. The employers also attend our clean-ups and support our activities.

Prague City – In the subsidy programme of the Prague City Council, we received 70,000 CZK and 90,000 CZK for the Prague chapter, which we used to buy cleaning tools and educate children.

Ministry of the Environment – The subsidy program of 173,460 CZK helped us to finance cleaning aids, educational meetings for organizers, and education of children.  

Mastercard – Thanks to the PRICELESS POMÁHÁ (PRICELESS HELPS) project, we received 184,730 CZK, which will help us co-fund our activities in 2021.

Trash Hero World – World “Mom” enabled us to purchase our first T-shirts and organise a few of the first Czech clean-up organizers' meetings.

Mattoni 1873 – Within the Zálohujme (Let’s return our bottles) initiative and joint Trash Hero challenge, Mattoni donated 14,949 CZK.

Bernard Brewery – Within the Zálohujme (Let’s return our bottles) initiative and joint Trash Hero challenge, Bernard donated 14,949 CZK.

Zerowejst – In addition to supplies needed for living zero waste, you can buy a voucher for 50 CZK for Trash Hero here, which the e-shop will supplement with 50 CZK of its own.

Profid – This accounting firm has taken our bookkeeping on their shoulders, and in doing so has saved us many troubles.   Donio – A donation platform that supports and facilitates making good deeds.

Givt – By making a purchase on hundreds of e-commerce sites, you can donate a percentage of the money to an NPO of your choice.

Projekt Kohoutková – From the sale of every designer bottle, 30 CZK goes to trash heroes.



Incien – The Circular Economy Institute teaches cities, businesses, and organizations how to operate sustainably. We meet at educational events and workshops.

Zálohujme – We are part of the initiative for a deposit refund system for bottles and cans. Zálohujme is supported by companies such as Mattoni 1873 and Bernard Brewery.