We have been organizing regular clean-ups in the Czech Republic since 2016. Trash Hero is based on a community of people who improve the environment and inspire others. Not only do the volunteers collect waste, but they also gradually stop creating it – they refuse plastic bags, start composting, shop at package-free stores, use cloth diapers for their children, etc.

The clean-ups are always organised with the permission of the respective city or municipality, and the removal of the collected waste is also arranged. We sort the waste every time and weigh the trash bags. This gives us a perfect overview of how many kilograms we have already collected during all the clean-ups... and all the more reason to celebrate each of them.

Trash Hero events are and always will be free of charge for everyone.

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Do I have to sing up in advance?


What do I need to bring to the clean-up?


Are the clean-ups safe for children?


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Can I come alone?


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