What we do

Organising volunteer clean-ups

Everyone is welcome to join the clean-ups: young students, lawyers, couples with dogs, families with children, and pensioners. It does not matter whether you only come once or clean with us regularly. The clean-up usually lasts two hours – at the beginning, we hand out gloves and trash bags and provide basic instructions on what to collect and how to sort it.

After the clean-up, we usually go for a beer or lemonade. The clean-ups are therefore a perfect opportunity to meet new people... or they can serve as a first date to check out your potential partner. :)

The clean-up organizers wear yellow T-shirts. Each volunteer also receives one after completing their fifth clean-up with Trash Hero. 


Tap water for free

We map businesses which refill our bottle with drinking water for free. The net is called DOLEJ SI („Refill“ in English) and it covers over 150 places around the Czech Republic.

Do you like our Trash Hero bottle? Find a yellow sticker on the doors of restaurants, cafes, and shops, it is a sign that they will refill your bottle for free! All you need is a Trash Hero bottle and then you have access to drinking water without buying a single plastic bottle. It is environment-friendly as well as frugal. You can buy a stainless steel bottle for the uniform price of 250 CZK. It is recommended for all thirsty people, hikers, and travellers. You can use your Trash Hero bottles all over the Czech Republic and also in hundreds of locations in Thailand or Indonesia.


Cleaning up with schools and kindergartens

Learning about ecology in a classroom is boring, but experiencing it firsthand? That is really fun! With the youngest children, we tackle waste sorting through a storybook. With schoolchildren, we encourage them to join a monthly challenge that leads them to reduce disposable waste. With the older ones, we try reusing materials and shopping without packaging.

Cleaning up the school surroundings is always an integral part of the programme which aims to turn the children into real trash heroes.