Comment on the current situation:

Dear visitors, heroes,

we are currently dealing intensely with our future. Although we share the same goals, the overarching Trash Hero World (like many already separated chapters) limits us more than we are willing to accept.
We want to maintain our current activities (cleanups, education, DolejSi, ...). Due to the limited information possibilities on social media, please follow this website as well, stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed, we will let you know soon!

We clean, we educate, we change

What is Trash Hero?

Trash Hero is a Czech non-profit organization, a group of volunteers who care about their environment and take its protection into their own hands.

 We are a part of the global Trash Hero movement which cleans up at 171 locations in 20 countries all over the world.

 Anyone can be a Trash Hero.


Organising volunteer clean-up

We have trash bags and gloves – and we are not afraid to use them! We organise the clean-ups for free, anyone can participate, just come and pitch in. After you complete five clean-ups, we will give you our yellow T-shirt.

Drinking tap water for free

Where will they refill your bottle for free? Look for our sticker – you can find it on the doors of many restaurants, coffee shops, and shops in the Czech Republic. Some of them even sell stainless steel Trash Hero bottles.

Cleaning up with schools

Leave theory for the classrooms, with Trash Hero they will experience ecology for themselves! Every lecture includes a clean-up for children. We offer four age-appropriate educational programmes, from kindergarten to college.

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What do we do? Get to know us in 2 minutes

Our values

Our approach is positive

We prefer leading by example to scolding people, organising protests, or pointing our fingers.

We are apolitical

During clean-ups, we pull together. We will never show up with the company or political party logos.

We avoid disposable packaging

Why buy more plastic bottles and plastic packaging? We do not want to clean forever! It is possible to make more environment-friendly choices even when shopping at a regular supermarket.

We do it for free

We organise Trash Hero activities out of pure passion. Money from donations goes towards clean-ups, T-shirts for volunteers, and training.

We celebrate together

Both new and experienced heroes show up at clean-ups. After the event, we often end up going for a beer.

Where can you find us?